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We use a dual-pronged approach to educate clients and are ready for deployment when you need it.

We provide continuous availability 24/7, 365 days a year with a team, consisting of an attorney and an investigator (with your authorization), is deployed as quickly as possible to the site of an incident.


What clients have to say

“As a CCW holder it is quite clear that I have never been in any negative situation with respect to the law. So it came as quite a shock to me when I was in such a situation. I must state that having legal representation that is truly like-minded when it comes to my 2nd Amendment rights helped to put me at ease and give me peace of mind throughout the entire ordeal. The service I received from Steven and Cosmo regarding my case was exemplary, they immediately conducted a counter investigation and came up with a strategy regarding the case. They were cordial, professional, honest and forthcoming with me regarding all aspects of the case and did not sugar-coat anything. I am happy to state that with respect to my case we achieved the best possible outcome and I can carry-on with life. I proudly recommend their services to anyone in need of legal counsel.”

Christpher F.

CCW Class 2015

In today’s crazy world it is increasingly rare for me to encounter people I like, respect and trust…a process that normally requires years to fully develop. When I was referred to Lieberman with the Law Offices of Lieberman, Taormina, LLP/Artemis Defense via, my skepticism was considerable given the stakes involved in my CCW-related case. It was 7:11am on a cold Saturday morning when I first reached out to Mr. Lieberman…shortly after 10am he had not only explained all my options but proposed an initial plan of attack for the following Monday.

On Monday morning I received a follow-up call from Michael wherein he advised me that, based on initial conversations he had placed to key officers involved in my case, he believed my situation was resolvable with a 95% chance of resolution in my favor and outlined the legal fees and timeline involved. Relief washed over me like a waterfall. We met later that same day in his office to go over all the details wherein he explained in detail all my options and we finalized our plan. Mr. Lieberman is a talented communicator, he doesn’t waste words and when he speaks there is nothing left to “interpretation”…you know exactly where you stand. His military background is visible by the manner in which he presents himself…thorough and commanding, it is clear his goal is serve you to his fullest ability and ya know what? That’s precisely what he did. Not only did he resolve my conflict completely…Steven got me the best possible outcome and he did it in the shortest, most affordable and easiest manner possible. It was an absolute win and I didn’t even have to appear…it was all resolved by submission of paperwork from his office and a direct appeal from this lawyer.

It is clear that Mr. Lieberman is a sagacious and gifted strategist with ample clout and is greatly respected by those in law enforcement and the Justice system. The officer handling my case said I had “a great attorney” when he called me with the wonderful news. If you (God forbid) ever need someone to represent you, this is your guy. Give him a call, see how you feel about him after a few minutes on the phone. He sets the bar so high other attorneys need to charter a plane just to see it.

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Bruce C.

San Clemente, California, United States








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