Aegis Rapid Response Program Agreement for Services


a. This agreement between (CLIENT)  and the Law Offices of Lieberman & Taormina LLP (FIRM) is entered into on the date, June 23, 2024, and will continue, uninterrupted, for a period of 2 years.

b. This agreement is for legal advice service during the contracted time. FIRM will provide the following:

i. Consultation services for CLIENT relating to firearms law, CCW, and Use of Force during the span of this agreement. 

ii. Two Legal and Tactical Practicums each year where clients will engage in use of force exercises and receive information and evaluation about their performance.

iii. Two telephonic conferences each year where FRIM will provide CLIENT on legal updates regarding criminal law, use of force, and CCW issues.

iv. Continuous availability 24/7 365 days a year as emergency legal and investigative representation in the event that the client is arrested or detained for a CCW-related offense. (In the event that CLIENT is arrested, detained, or questioned regarding a use of force or criminal event involving their legally carried firearm CLIENT is instructed to immediately contact the emergency contact number given at the time of signing this document. FIRM attorney and Investigator will respond to the scene of the incident with all deliberate speed. CLIENT will inform Law Enforcement that they will cooperate fully with Law Enforcement, however, they have contacted their lawyer and they are en route.)

v. Discounted legal fee representation (50% of the typical rate) for CLIENTS that elect to retain the services of FIRM for criminal defense representation. (Please see Fee Retainer Agreement for a complete discussion of fees, both pre- and post-trail.)



a. This agreement will commence on the date of signing, and be active for a period of 2.5 years from the date of signing.



There are two methods of payment available. CLIENT can choose to either pay monthly a reoccurring credit card charge of $66 (Sixty Six dollars) for a period of 2 years from the date of signing. For a total amount of $1,584.00 (One Thousand Five Hundred and Eighty Four dollars).

Alternatively, CLIENT can elect to pay the entire contractual amount at the time of signing for $1,200.00 (One thousand Two Hundred dollars)and receive a $384 (Three hundred and Eighty Four dollar) discount.

Spouses can be added to this plan for 50% of the contracting party's value.



a. In the event that a credit card transaction fails to process CLIENT will be notified of the failure. CLIENT will have five business days to cure or the obligation of FIRM is terminated.

b. All disputes originating from this contract will be covered by binding arbitration in the County of Orange, State of California. 



This document represents a total integration of the agreement of both parties and parole evidence is expressly prohibited in the adjudication of this agreement.



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